We seek to find the finest in home and portable audio products that offer the best possible sonic performance with a unique selling point. Something just that little bit different, a little bit special to everything else on the market, providing quality products that are individual and stand out from the crowd.

Resonessence Labs are a Canadian company who have perfected the use of ESS DAC chips in their outstanding products. Their Invicta and Invicta Mirus high end DAC and headphone amplifier incorporates a solid state SD card interface and also HDMI connectivity to connect it to a TV and view playing now information. Resonessence Labs produce a wide range of DACs and headphone amplifiers that are perfect for any type of headphone and offer exceptional levels of detail and build quality.

oBravo are exclusively available through Glaive. Producing the world’s first planar magnetic earphone with a range of different materials to increase performance between the models. oBravo include their Air Motion Transformer technology in their high end earphones. oBravo bring together some of the worlds best technologies to make both headphones and earphones that offer an exceptionally expansive soundstage and natural presentation with their mixture of hybrid, planar magnetic and AMT drivers alongside various sizes of dynamic driver.